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Festival Coach Hire

Blackpool Festival Coach Hire 
Arranging festival coach hire is by far the best way to travel to experience one of Blackpool’s colourful festivals. A large number of festivals, parades are other types of special events are held throughout the year in this seaside city and groups of people will be able to get to the magic quickly and conveniently when they arrange this type of transportation. 
Blackpool minibus hire can be used to travel to any of the festivals that are held in Blackpool as well as the surrounding area.The Blackpool dance Festival is one of the biggest events of the year and this is the perfect time to get your groove on. While different types of dances from around the world are showcased during the festival, one of the best things about it is that spectators are invited to get involved and try out the dances for themselves. This is also a good way to get fit while having fun and try something new. 
The Blackpool Illuminations are world famous and feature around ten miles of colourful lights strung across the city. Turning out to see these impressive illuminations is sure to be an experience that visitors will never forget. Blackpool really goes off with a bang as the year draws to a close. The World Fireworks Championships are held on Friday nights through September and October and this is the perfect time to witness the wonder as the night sky is transformed into a spectacular show of lights. 
People who have a love for soul music will want to make sure they check out the Northern and Modern Soul All Nighter in the month of April. This is another great chance to dance the night away to some of the best northern soul tunes around as all the name suggests visitors will have the chance to dance all night long. Other vibrant events that take place in Blackpool throughout the year include the Blackpool Pride Festival in June, the Blackpool Transport Festival and Blackpool Armed Forces Week, which is a real tribute to the boys in blue.  
Naturally, minibus hire in Blackpool can be booked for the full day and can be used to visit other destinations such as a restaurant. The minibus along with its driver will be waiting for festival goers when they are ready to go back home and several stops along the way can be included to drop everyone off at their doorstep if desired.